Making Paradise was  an official selection for Best Documentary for the Prince of Prestige film competition.  

Making Paradise is an innovative film about seven men that dared make a documentary about a small town in Indiana, a special place, called Valparaiso.

The film captures the 4 year saga of the inexperienced film makers as they attempt to create a film that is 100% independent and without the financial support of special interest groups. Historic stories of the city and university are told by Mark Heckler, Bruce Leetz, Bill Wellman, Bryce Drew, Jon Costas, Homer Drew, Ric Frataccia, Stewart McMillan and a host of others. The story of "the shot" that made Valpo America's cinderella story is discovered through a rare interview with Bryce and Homer Drew.

 In the end, the audience learns why Valparaiso is a special place to live, learn and grow.  It is realized that people are inherently the same as those that preceded us...and by learning about our past; we can achieve a meaningful sense of self-esteem and self-actualization. 

The film that started as a documentary....ends as a love story.  

COFFEE TABLE BOOK and DVD of film (bundle) are available at the STORE link above.